Trophy Care


Care starts when a bird is harvested. Handle any bird you wish to mount by the bill or feet. Do not ring neck! Check for broken feathers, missing feathers and shot holes to bill and feet. Minor repairs are not a problem. Place bill under wing, smooth down feathers and place in a plastic bag, force out air and seal bag. Set the bird in a safe place until it can be put in the freezer.


Check for broken fins and tails, scars and missing scales. Minor repairs are no problem. Make sure the fish is wet, place in a plastic bag and force out all air, seal bag. Place flat in freezer.

Game Heads:

Do not cut throat! Hang animal from back legs and skin down to just behind front legs. With today’s modern forms, we need about 4-6 inches behind the front legs. Ring legs at first joint and pull legs through. Roll out the cape the rest of the way. Do not split brisket! Skin to back of skull and cut free from body. Keep cold until you can freeze. Place head in plastic bag for freezer. For life size mounts, please speak with the taxidermist before leaving on your hunt, for skinning instructions.

Small Mammals:

Do not gut! Make sure animal is dry. Place in plastic bag, force out all air and seal bag. Keep cool. Place in freezer.


  • Most captivating and inspiring work that I have seen. I have had Big Mouth Bass and other wildlife done by Steve and was in awe at his workmanship.
    Annie LeMaire
  • Thanks to Josh for doing such a great job on Cameron's fish! He loved it!!!
    Brandi Bishop
  • Outstanding mounts !!! I'am very proud to tell people who mounts my fish. I receive lots of compliments. Keep up the good work guys !!!
    Steven Vincent
  • Just wanted to tell you guys thanks again for my bass! You guys do the best work and I will refer everyone I know to yall!
    Chris Romano
  • Deer mounts fresh from Steve German and Josh German. Can't give enough thanks and appreciation to the both of them for getting these mounts done with the work load and circumstances they have been dealing with. Truly a great pair of guys! Thank You both.
    Jake Frye, Hunter
  • 10 point taken last year. Scored 135 3/8 B&C. Thanks Steve for a great job. Can't wait till next year.
    Richard D. Bruns, Hunter
  • Got my dad's bass back from the taxidermist yesterday. He was so surprised!! He had thought my mom had thrown it away out of the freezer. 9.94 pounds Toledo Bend.
    Brian Phelps, Fisherman